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William Finaughty

The Recollections of an Elephant Hunter: 1864 - 1875

Taken from the years well before and during the Anglo-Boer War, William Finaughty, one of the great, early ivory hunters told his African adventures to a publisher who owned the pioneer paper The Rhodesian Journal. Finaughty was an adventurer, rogue, and hunter extraordinaire, who survived the death that awaited many early elephant hunters, bagging over five hundred tuskers in five years, as well as living through the intrigues with which the early South Africa was fraught. 'Bill' Finaughty even shot five elephants with four bullets, a feat that is typical of this book. That he hunted entirely with a muzzle-loading rifle adds a great deal of zest to this classic tale of which only 250 copies were printed, and less than half survive today.

Impression: Reprint
Condition: Very good
Publisher: Books of Zimbabwe
Binding: Hardcover
Price: R 250.00

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